About me

I am Cyril Chandelier, a 31 year old french man who loves board-sports, music and code!

I’ve always managed to co-move my passions. Back in 2004, I first created a website to talk about my favorite sport: skimboarding. It was not pretty, but this was the first step which led me to what I do today.

Now that I am a software engineer, I really like to think that the world is going mobile. I’m currently working on Hooked, a chat stories reading app for iOS where I try to provide end-users great user interfaces and amazing user experiences.

I also develop applications, games and websites on my free time. Speaking of that, I’m really proud of my best seller: LASIDO!

Get in touch

Want to get in touch? Please send an email to cyril (dot) chandelier (at) gmail (dot) com, I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.