What I am driven by

Passions. I have always co-moved my passions. I started programming because I wanted a website to show the world my favourite board sport (skimboarding) and it led me to become a graduated Software Engineer. Music is another of my passions, I mainly play guitar, I tried to learn sight reading by myself but I was missing of some training support, so I created an app (see side projects) and this is what led me to become an iOS Developer. I am definitely passionated by writing code!

What I have worked on

It’s been 4 years since I started working as an iOS Developer for digital agencies, I’ve worked so far on more than 30 apps from small tourism apps to large business apps. More recently, I was involved in the development of two major apps DanOn Genius (2014) and LOUIS VUITTON CITY GUIDE (2015), they are now used by hundreds of thousands people.

Side Projects

I do love writing code, I also like this ability to make things, especially mobile apps, so I have created this mobile sight reading application called LASIDO (my best seller with thousands of paid downloads, mostly from France) or this very strategic board game called Nanashi, just for fun!

Also I like to give back to the community by open sourcing components such as this hexagonal cells based layout the more often I can.

Finally, teaching iOS Development and Objective-C programming to engineering students is one the things I am the most proud of, when my contacts at the university asked me if I could give some lessons, I did not hesitate!

What I am really good at

Even if I am capable of building an app from A to Z, from low-level systems such as storage or networking to distribution through the Apple Distribution process, what I am really passionated about is trying to provide the best user experience through a clear user interface.

Objective-C is my favourite programming language and Swift is following, but at the end, all these languages are just tools. As a problem solver, I use all the tools available to build the best possible software, trying to automate everything that should be and avoiding to repeat several times the same errors.

What I am looking to do next

I am now looking for a new challenge, and this challenge must take place in a company that is focused on its product. I would like to have end-users’ experience and product quality as my top priority.

I also have this strong desire to grow as a programmer and a human being. To that purpose, I am ready to relocate in any place of the world to work with the best persons possible and discover some place new!