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Nanashi 2.0

I released the first version of Nanashi on the App Store 7 years ago, it’s a turn-based strategy game. The game was relatively simple: a solo mode against an AI and a pass and play mode.

The most requested feature was an online multi-player mode with a leaderboard, but I never found the time to do it… until today.

I finally released the version 2.0 of Nanashi with an online mode and a leaderboard.

The app is available on the App Store:


Rules are simple:
– select your piece to see where you can play
– one square away (including the diagonals) and your piece is cloned
– two squares away and your piece jumps
– capture the pieces of your enemy by cloning or jumping next their piece
– you win if you own the most pieces at the end of the game

Play against a challenging AI or against a friend on your iPhone or iPad……or play online against strangers and rank up the leaderboard!

EDIT: The game has since been feature by in their Top Games To Tryout in October 2020!

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