Xcode and code signing

As an iOS developer who is member of multiple teams and who is managing multiple clients Apple IDs, I totally approve the guidelines of Jared Sinclair in its post “Follow These Guidelines and Never Struggle with Xcode Code Signing Again“, more particularly the one about Xcode helpers:

Never use Xcode’s built-in code signing helpers. Especially avoid any button that says Fix Issue.

As Jared explains, it fills developer portal with worthless “iOS Team Provisioning Profile: XXX” provisioning profiles. Once sync in Xcode, there are so many profiles that you can’t find the one you are really looking for. The worst part of it is that this helper isn’t always working as you expect, especially if you don’t know what you are doing, and it arrives that you still can’t deploy on device after using it…

I will add that you shouldn’t be the one in your team touching the code signing settings if you don’t know how the whole code signing system works.

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